The Basics of Getting a New Countertop

The Basics of Getting a New Countertop:

by Pittsburgh Kitchenrama

Choose your material, edging, sink, and other options at Pittsburgh Kitchenrama

Schedule a template for us to get an accurate measurement of your cabinets

Finalize your choices and signoff for fabrication

Schedule your installation and plumbing disconnects and reconnects

Enjoy your new countertop and refer us to everyone you know

Before Measurement and Template

Review our materials, edging, sinks, options, and request an estimate

Sign estimate in office or return to us by email or fax

Make deposit of 10% – 50% (Min. amount of $200) (Visa or MasterCard accepted by phone)

Schedule Template Date & Time (Templators arrive within schedule time not on the hour. If time is 1pm – 3pm they will arrive within that time period.  Allow 1-2 hours for template for normal kitchen)

Ensure everything is ready for templating by Date & Time scheduled. (See section below)

If you need to reschedule please do so with a minimum notice of 48 hours


If replacing existing countertops clean off countertop, access to countertop, and surrounding area

If new cabinets ensure lower cabinets are fully installed, secured in place, and LEVEL. (1/8” per 10’ Run)

Have faucets, sinks, cook tops, and other fixtures needing cutouts on site unless purchasing from Kitchenrama or delivering to us later. (Fabrication will not be started until we have required items)

It is recommended to have appliances in place at templating. If not customer takes full responsibility for fitting.

Sign template sheet to make final approval for fabrication (Or contact our office for revised quote/details)

If any adjustments to the original project estimate are required our office will contact you with a final estimate.

Make final deposit payment if you have not already made (Total of 50% is required BEFORE FABRICATION)

Day of Measurement and Template:

*If a responsible adult is not present, no one is home, the cabinets are not ready on the day of template, or you cancel within 24 hours. We will re-schedule your project and you may be charged a return trip fee minimum of $150.


Before Fabrication:

Ask any questions regarding material, edging, sinks, seams, etc

All final decisions must be signed off (sign at template or from a revised estimate)

Until the total 50% deposit has been received, and all decisions have been made and signed off in writing, fabrication will not begin and your project will not be added to the installation schedule.


Day of Installation:


For safety keep children, pets, and yourself away from construction area and path of access.

Create a clear path to the installation area and cover any furniture or floors (Do NOT place plastic on floors)

Move all breakables, valuables, or obstructions from area.  Including items in cabinet under sink location.

Disconnect plumbing, gas, and electrical equipment (Our installers cannot do disconnects)

If we are not removing your old countertop ensure it is removed and all items are disconnected (If not removed we will remove and there will be a charge)

If advised during template you need countertop supports for overhangs have them installed.

We will install your new countertop and sink but not any cooktops, faucets, etc, or make any connections.

Some dishwashers only install by top mounts. Special adhesive brackets are needed for these and can be purchased from Kitchenrama for a small cost.

Upon completion of your project our installers do a basic clean then review your completed project with you for inspection and signoff.

Make final payment (either give check to installers or call our office with Visa, MasterCard, or Financing)

We suggest you schedule a plumber at least a few hours before installation for disconnect and the day following for the reconnect. If the plumbing is not disconnected when installers arrive we will reschedule your installation for our next available date and you will be charged a return trip fee minimum of $150.

While Pittsburgh Kitchenrama is committed to excellence, high quality, and will take every precaution please be aware that countertop installation is a construction process. Noise, dust, and scratches to walls, cabinets, floors, or nearby items are rare but possible. These items are considered incidental damage and are the customer’s responsibility to repair.

Material Disclaimer – Marble, Granite, and other natural materials do vary in color, polish, structure, and movement. Inherent in these materials are sometime visible fissures, pits, and inclusions that are not flaws in the stone. It is the customer’s responsibility to review material for unwanted spots. While Pittsburgh Kitchenrama only uses the best quality stone available it does not guarantee flawless materials. Like diamonds these also make up the beauty and uniqueness of natural stone.

Contact Information:

Pittsburgh Kitchenrama located in Pittsburgh Strip District


3340 Smallman Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15201


Ron Mathos


Kitchenrama is a vendor member and supporter of the Pittsburgh REIA club

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