The Beauty of the Club

I am a shy person who finds extreme difficulty joining in and meeting new
people, especially when, at the end of a long physical day I am tired.  Upon
entry to monthly meetings, the friendly atmosphere among the leadership and
volunteers at the registration table, as well as the congeniality of the general
membership make for a relaxed atmosphere, in which to comfortably meet and
exchange land lording and investing ideas.  This is one large and growing group
which I find comfortable.

The variety of investor personalities and
style affords ample opportunity for exchange of profitable, time and money
saving tips, prior to the actual meeting.  This networking is most valuable.
The content of our general meetings is of practical and financial benefit.
These ideas and concepts are always presented in an ethical and law abiding
manner.  There are tips and processes presented which have helped me to gain and
save thousands, of dollars in profit, which is reinvested, in the business of
providing decent affordable housing in an respectful manner to every rental
resident of the portfolio which I personally manage.

There are a number
of small groups, which meet outside of the general meeting on various days of
the month.  These small groups are where the real investing takes place.  The
sharing and exchange of these processes at the Land Lording Small Group
continues to make daily positive impact on the bottom line of my rental

A continuing welcoming of ideas and suggestions goes a
long way in providing a positive atmosphere in which the club business is
conducted.  This is evidenced by the vast number and scope of enthusiastic
established and new members.  Each month, regardless of the extreme Pittsburgh
weather, we continue to see nearly twenty new faces attending their first
meeting, many of these individuals jump in and become new investors, on their
way to a new or supplemental career.  Probably each of these new investors have
been personally invited to their first meeting.  I continue to invite people to
attend, to experience the magnetism to the positive atmosphere.

The beauty of the club is that an investor can learn from those that have been there
and done that to offer guidance and assistance such that one can jump in with
both feet or test the shallows one toe at a time.  The most important step is to
get involved in the dynamic career of investing.

Andy Kosmach
Pittsburgh, PA

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