The cost of education for real estate investors

The cost of education for real estate investors


In the great world of real estate investor clubs there are really two components.   The first component is networking.  It is very important for both novice investors and experienced or professional investors to network with their peers but that is another article.

Education is the other main component. The Pittsburgh REIA is no different from any other group with the possible exception of how hard we stress education for real estate investors.   We gear a large portion of our main meeting towards educating our members.  This is no accident.  We also have a number of sub-group meetings that are geared towards niche education.  These groups include topics such as creative deal structuring, landlord techniques, marketing, sheriff sales, note buying, commercial real estate, and just about anything else that we can think of.   We handle this in house as much as possible.

Occasionally we reach out to national speakers and other subject matter experts.   We bring these people into Pittsburgh and let them teach us about their specialty.  In the past three years we have brought in the following real estate gurus; Ron LeGrand, Lou Brown, Jay Conner, Dr. Albert Lowry, Robyn Thompson, Lee Phillips, Kathy Kennebrook, Jon Iannotti, Scott Meyers, Vena Jones Cox, and Eddie Speed.

These out of town experts are chosen because they are the best teachers, and they actually do what they teach.   Now, as a club, we can get these masters of real estate to come to town and teach a one day class, but that one day is far too short of a time period to teach everything that these people have to offer.  That is why each of these experts has a study at home real estate course for sale.   Many or even most of the real estate gurus offer some form of a multiday boot camp to get you up and making money with their particular investing technique, but that is also a topic for another day.

So what do these real estate courses cost?

I have always been a big fan of the old phrase that real estate education doesn’t cost anything it pays.  No truer words have even been spoken in the real estate investor world.

The price of these courses is generally between $900 and $1500, but the education from a real estate millionaire is priceless.

I have a library full of these courses and there isn’t a single course that hasn’t made me far more money that it cost to purchase.   There is a reason that I know how to buy property with no money in the deal, and all of the other valuable techniques that I share with my local students.   That reason is that I have invested in my craft over the years, and I will continue to do so.   The funny part is that when I tell people what I have personally paid for real estate investing courses, it is almost always some broke idiot who tells me that I paid too much.   As a run I never take financial advice from broke people.  I take my advice from people who make millions of dollars in real estate and nobody else.


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