Those Darn Selling Speakers…

Those Darn Selling Speakers…

From Vena Jones-Cox of Cincinnati REIA and OREIA to Pittsburgh REIA

Nearly every year for the 20+ years I’ve been involved with real estate associations, SOMEONE has come up to me and asked: “Why do we have all these sales pitches? I paid my dues—I don’t want to get sold on ANOTHER $99 all-day seminar or ANOTHER $1,000 home study course.”

We hear you.

But there are some things you might want to consider before you pooh-pooh the additional education that’s offered to you at Pittsburgh REIA. For instance: 1. The nature of real estate education is that we get our general information from our local associations, groups, but our specific, in-depth information on a given topic from experts who’ve “been there, done that”—and bothered to write it down into a step-by-step system.

This isn’t just true in here, and it isn’t just true for new investors: the nature of REIA groups is that we have limited time to really “dig in” to strategies that members want to know a lot more about. For instance, let’s say you’ve decided that wholesaling is the right strategy for you right now. If Pittsburgh REIA committed all 12 of the regular “main meetings” to that topic for an entire year, you’d get 30 hours of education—less than the typical wholesaling boot camp, and spread over the course of an entire year. Plus, the poor members who wanted to know how to be a successful landlord, or note buyer, or rehabber, would be left out in the cold. If you want a complete education on ANY specific topic, you’re going to get it the same way I did, and that every other successful practitioner of that strategy did—by spending additional time and money on more in-depth, compressed information than it’s possible for Pittsburgh REIA to give you. Unless, of course, you want Pittsburgh REIA to meet every weeknight of the year. In which case I’d personally like to invite you to take on that project. 2. “Selling Speakers” are necessary to our in-depth education, and they’re a dime a dozen, but good ones are rare, and Pittsburgh REIA makes sure you get the good ones. Pittsburgh REIA only brings in national speakers to our main meetings 2 times a year (that’s less than once a month, and MUCH more rarely than other REIAs around the country do), and these speakers are carefully chosen based on the quality of their presentations and products and on their actual knowledge and experience, NOT based on how much stuff they can push on you in 90 minutes. Sure, gurus that you cross paths with on the internet have better sales pitches, more over-the-top promises (software that will run your business for you while you go on permanent vacation? Puh-lease.), and slicker packaging—but when you get your “continuing ed” through Pittsburgh REIA’s speakers, you know you’re getting quality. 3. Plus, come on—they’re fun and informative. Even if you don’t choose to invest in a selling speaker’s course, you know that their presentations are funny, well organized, and motivating. Plus, they drop tons of valuable tidbits that you can use right away. Last year alone, I walked away from the handful of meetings with selling speakers with pages and pages of notes on how to improve my business. Yes, there’s a sales pitch at the end and yes, you’re supposed to politely sit through it even though you may not be interested in spending any money on their course or workshop or boot camp. So you can choose to be annoyed—or you can choose to be educated, amused, and thankful that your board works so hard to bring the best of the best of the “gurus” to your back yard, with the sole goal of helping you succeed in your chosen business.

(April 2014 Newsletter)

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