Thoughts on buying real estate guru courses

Thoughts on buying real estate guru courses


Below is a question that I answered for a west coast investor who contacted me.  I thought it might be helpful for others. 


I’m interested in Raw Land Investing like the Land Geek guy, but I don’t ever see myself paying 1500 dollars for a course. Has anyone taken it? I’m intelligent so I don’t need to blindly regurgitate scripts or mail out prewritten documents. In fact, I think that spoon feeding wannabe investors can actually be detrimental, robbing you of the chance to learn on your own amd have a deeper understanding of not just what you’re doing, but WHY. Also, isn’t it possible that a lot of the info you pay for becomes obsolete, anyway? Laws vary by state, and aren’t immune to change, which can render a gurus’ system “useless”. What is the best way for me to learn about land investing without spending an arm and a leg? Does anyone have any book or blog recommendation.


I don’t know that particular course, but in general, the way that I look at courses is that they are designed to shorten my learning curve.  I have spent in excess of 100k on courses, I am a course junkie.   If I spend 1500 on a course, I anticipate that the technique contained will make me at least 3000.   Once I have that technique mastered, nobody can take that knowledge from me. With a few exceptions, I have made more money because of these courses than they have cost me.  As for state specific info, all guru courses are general info.  It is your local RE attorney who can modify your contracts to be legal in your area.


Education is expensive, but ignorance is much more expensive.  There is a reason that I can out deal any investor in my city.


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