Upcoming Events

Let me start off by wishing you all Happy Valentines Day.

There will not be a creative finance meeting this Sunday.

This Tuesday the 16th at 7 PM I am going to teach an online class about how to buy houses with no money by taking over the mortgage of someone who is about to lose their house to sheriff sale.  The title sucks, but the class should be fantastic. 

We all know that COVID and out state’s reaction to it has caused massive economic damage. We also know that lots of people have lost their jobs.  Some of those people are going to lose a house to foreclosure.  We can help those people.  I will teach you how. HIINT- it is very profitable to be in the helping business during times of economic chaos.  The news will report this as a massive loss of wealth. In reality it will be a massive transfer of wealth.  What doesn’t transfer to us real estate investors will transfer to the banks, and we can’t let that happen.

I am so firmly convinced that a foreclosure crisis is brewing that I am going to expand on this thought in the March REIA meeting, and we might even do an all day seminar on a Saturday to cover this topic.

Lastly I have a meeting set up next week with a group that helps landlords mitigate tenant disputes.  I suspect that this will help a few people here

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