Updates for those of you who missed the Robyn Thompson seminar on the 23rd

Updates for those of you who missed the Robyn Thompson seminar on the 23rd. You screwed up.  If your family forced you to miss a full day with the queen of rehab then it is time to get a new/better family.  Robyn was awesome and she covered a variety of topics from wholesaling, to asset protection, to contract law, and even rehabbing.

Now here is the good news.  Robyn made a recording of a full day seminar that she did just like the one you should have attended.  She usually sells that recording for $69.99.  Because Robyn is my friend we can get CD’s for $19.95, I can only get 100 of these at the moment.  I’m not sure if I can get more later or not.  I will have them for the next meeting, and you can buy them there, or you can email me to reserve your copy.

More good news, Robyn Thompson will be doing a full Rehab Riches Boot Camp in Pittsburgh, sometime in the Summer of 2016.  We don’t have an exact date yet.  Anyone who owns Robyn Thompson’s Rehabbing Course can attend this boot camp for $1000.  You just have to let me know.  Also once you pay for the boot camp you can attend as many times as you wish.  I am going to attend this boot camp in FL this year, so that I can repeat it in Pittsburgh next year.  Remember the more you learn in real estate, the more you earn in real estate.


Special offer from Robyn Thompson-  also coming soon, look for it in a future newsletter !!


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