Pittsburgh REIA membership well worth the money to this investor

Pittsburgh REIA membership well worth the money to this investor

I bought my first investment property in late 2007, spent several months reading many, many landlording/property management/real estate investing books and attending meetings of local investor groups, and have been a member of Pittsburgh REIA since 2008.  I’ve found it to be a valuable resource; even when I’m unable to attend the monthly meetings, the emails and monthly newsletter are full of useful information.  For less than $100 a year I get:

* updates on important legal and accounting issues
* education about various real estate investing strategies & pitfalls
* access to a number of discounts — I’ve saved thousands at Home Depot alone
* networking opportunities with local investors or vendors who can help me save money, time, and aggravation

For example, Pittsburgh REIA is how I got connected with Jim Uhler, who has handled my property assessment appeals.  When the reassessment came through several years ago I went to various public meetings to learn about my options, and Jim’s seminar for WPREIA was by far the most useful.  Working with Jim has saved me thousands of dollars in property taxes, and countless hours trying to do my own appeals.  Thinking about it, the money I save *each year* in property taxes is at least three times more than I’ve spent on my WPREIA membership since I first joined!

I’m very grateful for all I’ve gotten from Pittsburgh REIA, and to Josh and everyone else who makes this club
the invaluable resource that it is.


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