Why contractors should join the Pittsburgh Real Estate Investors Association

Why contractors should join the Pittsburgh Real Estate Investors Association.


If you are any sort of contractor operating in the Pittsburgh real estate market, then you really should join the Pittsburgh Real Estate Investors Association.  There are several reasons the make club membership the lifeline of your business.

First off, we are a club of several hundred real estate investors.  This means that we own thousands of rental properties in Pittsburgh and surounding neighborhoods, and sometimes those properties need work all sorts of work.  We need people who repair roofs, install carpet, paint, replace windows, lay tile, repair plaster, hang drywall, fix plumbing, excavate, replace electrical panels and anything else that can be done to a house.  Networking with this group once a month can supply you with all of the work you and your crew will ever need.  We have monthly meetings, were you can directly interact with more than 100 Pittsburgh real estate investors face to face.  What is that sort of interaction worth to your business?

Secondly, we have a super discount program with Home Depot that goes beyond any discount that a single contractor can negotiate.  The reason for this is simply mass.  With thousands of houses in need to repair and maintenance, we buy a lot of products.  The Home Depot in Allison Park, PA understands this and offers a top tier discount program to our members.  I don’t care who you know, we get a better price than you can.  It’s just simple math.   Let’s say that you get a pretty good price when you shop at Home Depot and we save you another 2 % annually, how much is that worth to you annually?

Lastly, in attending our functions and meeting our investors, you can adjust your business to better work with real estate investors.  Having a better understanding of your customers is a competitive advantage over all of your competition.  What is an advantage over all of your competition worth to you?

Let me tell you want all of this will cost you, a meager $250 per year.  How much business do you need to get to make back your $250 investment?  How much are you spending on advertising right now? What results are you getting for your advertising and marketing budget?  There is no better investment for your contracting business than becoming a vendor member of the Pittsburgh Real Estate Investors Association.

For a membership application, go to http://pittsburghreia.com/membership/membership_application_form.pdf

Then to claim your Home Depot Discount registration, fill out this form http://pittsburghreia.com/downloads/HomeDepotDiscountProgramSignup_Printable.pdf and email it back to me at PittsburghREIA@aol.com   also you will need to use our office phone number to identify yourself as a member of our group.  That phone number is 412 761 7342


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