Why risk it? Here’s a better way

Why risk it? Here’s a better way


Hello Pittsburgh REIA,


Why take the risk?


Why jeopardize EVERYTHING you’ve worked so hard to earn and not protect yourself and your family from frivolous lawsuits?

It’s not difficult. It’s not time-consuming. And I’m sorry, but you can’t use cost as an excuse because it’s not expensive. Heck, I’ll even give you some of the best-kept secrets at no charge at all. More about that in a moment…

Unfortunately, most don’t do anything at all and they’re walking around with bulls-eyes on their backs!

Just last month, a woman sued a restaurant for “mental anguish” after a “wet floor” sign fell on her foot. A Florida attorney sued a bar after running up a $19,000 tab. And just last year, a real estate investor was hit with a $500,000 lawsuit simply for notifying tenants that he was planning to make improvements to their apartments.

“There’s no way to avoid it,” says Vytas Juskys of LT Properties. “At some point, if you’re into real estate, you’re going to get sued. We’re easy prey.”

I can go on but…

Fortunately, you really CAN shield yourself, your family
& your assets from frivolous lawsuits. Here’s how…

As real estate investors, we’re leading targets among those who want something for nothing. But I want to give you a rare opportunity to protect yourself and your family from frivolous lawsuits.

Join me this Wednesday night for a special webinar where myself and longtime friend and Real Estate investor, Lou Brown, will show you how to PROPERLY protect your assets.


Lou is also giving away his 5 BEST strategies you can do right now to protect your assets and your family including:

  1. The      number #1 technique to shield ALL your property and your business from frivolous lawsuits.
  2. How      to get your name off the public records. If there’s one thing you can do that’s quick and easy, it’s this. We’ll show you how.
  3. A      new tactic that’s entirely LEGAL that will allow you to double your estate tax exemption. Otherwise, your family could pay up to 70% in taxes!
  4. How      to avoid the BIGGEST mistake investors make when setting up their      business. Hint: If you think you’re protected with an LLC, you’re not!
  5. How      to protect even your personal property such as vehicles, stocks, bonds,      art collection, and jewelry with this one simple method.

Reserve your seat right now.
no cost for this special all day asset protection seminar.   Wednesday April 22nd right after the REIA monthly meeting.  

Don’t put it off another day.

Go here right now to get the details.
Email Josh at PittsburghREIA@aol.com

To reserve your seat now


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